Deep ledger line

Janco is suitable for the deep ledger line practice, since, in the basic mode, the tube acts as a pivot, allowing to obtain the fixed stops positionable in more corners, through threaded holes and stop pins. In addition, thanks to an innovative and super-fast locking system, you can switch from tilting mode (with a rotation angle that exceeds 180 ˚) to the closed one (the rod holder becomes fixed, offering the possibility of varying the placement angles very restricted), simply by pressing a small lever.

Under coast ledger line

Janco allows quick and easy positioning in both rotation of the base and in that corner of the barrel. In fishing expedition along the coast ,therefore, the fisherman or the end user can will choose not only the angle of incidence with respect to the positioning of the boat, but also the angle of the rod above water level.


Drifting is, today, a very common kind of fishing in which it’s, first, necessary equipment top notch. In particular, it is important that the rod holder can rotate smoothly and thereby to facilitate the catch of fish. A further advantage offered by this rod holder is the possibility that it maintains the position of rotation fixed at 360 °, and in general that maintains the angular position of the rod relative to the waterline according to the need of the moment. Moreover, in case of the railway track rod holder orients very quickly and with a minimum of friction in the position of escape of the fish.

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High sea trolling

Because of its ease Janco can also be used for trolling thanks to the ability to engage and then make a fixed rotation of the base of this rod holder in very tight corners; fisherman may decide in an instant the angle of incidence compared to boat push. Moreover, even for the same coupling, the transition from rocker to stationary contact is to make everything a breeze. And thanks to this innovative coupling system, to extract the rod from the rod holder, it is no longer necessary to perform extraction out of the boat because Janco can easily be dropped in the boat to pull the rod from the rod holder and pull it out or leave it free the rod holder in both rotation and tilt and help the sail performing the pumping of the fish with the use of the rod holder only.

Trolling under coast

Janco is particularly suitable for trolling under coast as it is free from any constraints and it's very adaptable. It fits, in fact, to every need making possible its use even in the harshest of conditions, for example in cases where speed of execution is quite important as in snapper fishing, or when it's important the rapid retraction as yellowtail fishing. It also provides a great efficiency in the timing.

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